Fall 2015 roundup


The season ended quite some time ago, but I wanted to finish some of the anime that I started because I was curious about their ending. This fall wasn’t as disappointing as the summer and we had a few very good anime and parodies.
Since I already started to watch some of the anime of the winter season I will anticipate that I’m really excited about some of the anime.

Diving into the tale of princess Kaguya

Kaguya fanart

In 2008 Isao Takahata, best known for his work “Grave of the Fireflies”, announced that he started working on a new full-length movie and in November 2013, after 5 years of production “Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari” (The tale of princess Kaguya) came out.
“Kaguya-hime no Monogatari” is an adaptation of the Japanese folktale “The tale of the bamboo cutter” (also known as “Princess Kaguya”).

Summer 2015 wrap up


Finally the summer season is over and there is only one word that can summarize it: disappointment. This was one of the most underwhelming season so far, there were a lot of anime with potential that failed to deliver and some of them started well but dropped in quality. In this season I added two anime to the summary: Kekkai Sensen, the last episode finally aired so it is in the completed list; Lupin III (2015) (aka Lupin III: L’avventura italiana) that aired as a preview here in Italy and it will not be in the Fall post.

Spring 2015 Recap


Another spring passed, this time it was full of sequels/spin-offs and popular manga adaptation (which is normal). Looking at AniChart between the 41 anime series that aired there were 21 anime that are either sequels or spin-offs and still no second season for Panty and Stocking…

Anime Winter 2014/15


Another cold Winter has passed with quite a lot of good anime, I have to admit that I way more exited for this upcoming spring season but that will be discussed at another time.
This season the leftovers from Fall almost stand out more than the anime started in this winter season, but it’s hard to say since there were a lot of good anime worth watching.

Fall 2014 Aftermath


The fall season comes to an end, with a lot of bad anime but also with some hidden gems. Overall I was disappointed and overwhelmed by all the bad anime in this season but that made me a lot happier when I saw a good one in the pile.
I tried to avoid most of the bad anime by watching only the first episode of some of them but I feel like sometimes I made the wrong decision like with Garo: Honoo no Kokuin.

Fireball Charming Review

fireball charming

Fireball Charming is a memorable series of 13 shorts of almost 2 minutes each. The anime was created by Jinni’s Animation Studios in collaboration with Disney Japan and aired in 2011.
Actually this is not the first time that this happens; in fact in 2008 the same collaboration produced Fireball a series of shorts that is the sequel of Fireball Charming.

Anime Summer 2014


Summer is over, it was one of the most hyped seasons that I’ve seen in long time everybody was talking about Akame ga Kill, the second season of Free! Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Esp.
Fortunately after the season started the discussions about Zankyou no Terror and Barakamon started as well.

Spring 2014 Aftermath


The spring season has ended with a pleasant surprise. There were a lot of bad anime but a lot of interesting ones to balance it off. I was disappointed to see Break Blade as an anime when it has already a movie series, anyway one thing that really stands out is the variety of art styles between anime in a good and in a bad way, and I like to see experiments and innovation.

Anime Winter 2013/14


Time pass so quickly and another season is gone. Winter season 2013/2014 didn’t have a lot of good anime but it was enjoyable. Unexpectedly only two series will continue in the new spring season, “Nisekoi” and “Nobunaga The Fool”. As for this post, it will be like the Fall 2013 aftermath but it will contain a top 5 openings and endings in the end.