A look at Eden Eternal

I finally have some free time and I thought: why not write something about a mmorpg that I played… so lets talk about EDEN ETERNAL 😀

Eden Eternal is a free to play mmorpg developed by the same team that created Grand Fantasia and it’s published in its north-American version by AeriaGames.

There is not a lot to say about the gameplay cause is the usual style of grinding mmo. You take the mission, kill the monsters, travel to various places on the map, level up and again kill monsters…

At the beginning of the game you create your own character, by choosing his face (I’m going to talk about clothing later), the stating stats boost (your heroic trait) as it is for many other similar mmorpg you can choose your race, at the moment you can choose between human, children (male/female), mouse, anuran (a frog) and ursun (a bear), more races are probably going to be added.

You can start the game as a warrior or a mage, after you level up you unlock new classes such as the cleric, bard, hunter, illusionist, knight etc… (you can see the full list on the wiki).The original thing about this game is that you can use every single class with your character, if you are not in combat you can change between classes and do a dungeon as a dps, healer or tank… Of course more powerful is the class and more it takes to unlock it.

This was an introduction to the game, so let’s talk about the graphics.

To start of I think that the graphics are awesome, Eden Eternal’s character design is similar to the anime style (as a reference I think is a lot similar to the latest Appleseed XIII episodes). At the highest settings the models are extremely detailed (for a mmorpg) with nice shading and not to blocky. I personally like a lot the clothing design, and since I didn’t describe it earlier I will do it now, every class have a set of outfits that can be unlocked by level up your character, you can change the color of it using a dye but you can’t change (for example) your hat.

Enemies models frequently change and only a few times you will face the same enemy model only with only the color changed, also you have the possibility to face rare monsters (bigger and more detailed version of the normal type monster in the zone you are in) and unique boss in dungeons.

Background and scenery are not detailed as the characters models but they are quite nice, water have a nice physics unlike the trees and every other object in the scenery.

Probably the best place to see in the game is Aven (the main city, with no monsters) that is the more detailed one.

This game is a mmorpg so we have a community aspect to add, like every other mmo you can join or create a guild and interact with other people. If you are a casual player I don’t recommend to join a guild because usually they are focused to be the best guild in the server.

To interact between players you can do dungeons, quest that required a party to be completed, but even there you have to choose your party members carefully because a lot of people will kick you if you do a single mistake.

If you are in a guild you have access to territory war a guild vs guild type of match (that’s not really what it is but I can’t describe it) and to guild quest to get more gold.

Probably you are interested in pvp (I’m not) and I can say that there are 2 type of pvp in this game, the first is a 3 vs 3 arena (of course if you have the better stats and gear you will win) and the second is a more complicated type that I never tried out so I can’t describe it.

A really important aspect of a mmorpg is the interaction with the GMs, during the game they will host events where you can win some prizes and in the game they are nice and respond to you if you need help. As a secondary aspect: we are talking about AeriaGames so sometimes you can be banned if you didn’t’ do nothing, but you can explain it and probably have your account back 😀

Since it’s a f2p game to sustain itself it has an item mall where you can buy (for real money) exp boost, costumes with stats boost also you can buy mounts and pets (as default during the game you acquire an alpaca and a dog).

I didn’t talk about the craft system and other particulars of the games but I’m sure that if you are interested you will try it out.

Links: wiki main page Official web page