Anime Summer 2014


summer 2014 airing

Anime that still will continue in the fall season

  • Akame ga Kill!: After seeing the first half of the season I can say that this is definitely overhyped, the manga is good and the anime follow it really well. I think that (like Magi) it will turn to an original ending.
  • Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen: The first half is a decent mecha anime I’m curious about the second half lets wait and see.
  • Sword Art Online II: It should be the best arch of the light novel I really liked the first half since its action based but if it follows the first season the second half will focus on romance.


summer 2014 conclusion

This summer season was good, a lot of good anime for different tastes. I was disappointed that Urobuchi didn’t write the full Aldnoah.Zero story but it was good nonetheless.
On a graphic point of view Zankyou no Terror was the best of the season those backgrounds were great.
Overall I have to say that the best anime of the season was Barakamon the dubbing cast did a great job especially the 9 year old VA that dubbed Naru, being professional at that age and being the voice of the main character is not simple.
The worst anime of the season is RAIL WARS! by the end the anime was all about boobs and fanservice and they forgot that it started as an anime about trains (the fact that it was a visual novel adaptation is not an excuse).