Anime Winter 2013/14

Time pass so quickly and another season is gone. Winter season 2013/2014 didn’t have a lot of good anime but it was enjoyable. Unexpectedly only two series will continue in the new spring season, “Nisekoi” and “Nobunaga The Fool”. As for this post, it will be like the Fall 2013 aftermath but it will contain a top 5 openings and endings in the end.


As a disclaimer I watch the first episode of almost every anime in the season, but from this general rule I exclude anime series of which I have never seen the prequel or series like Pokémon, so if you don’t find an anime in this post I probably ignored it. I will divide this post in pages:

  • Second page: “First episode only” and “Dropped”
  • Third page: “On-hold” and “Completed”
  • Fourth page: “Airing” and “Conclusions”
  • Fifth page: “Top 5 openings”
  • sixth page: “Top 5 endings”