Anime Winter 2013/14



In this category there are all the anime series of the season of which I have only seen the first episode due to various reasons that I will try to explain. What I will write here is only a personal opinion I really hate judging an anime by its first episode.

  • Hoozuki no Reitetsu: This is the life in hell… judging from the first episode it’s a nice and funny anime, if you have time to spare it’s worth a try.
  • Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.: It has a lot in common with “Gingitsune” with a different plot but the same vibe.
  • Nobunaga The Fool & Nobunagun: Both are similar and to me they are unwatchable. I’m sorry to the ones who liked them but I can’t force myself to watch them
  • Saikin, Imouto no Yousu …: The title is too long; I will just say that this anime is horrible; nobody should watch this for any reason at all. There is nothing good about it and I’m really forcing myself to think about one.
  • Space Dandy: One line made me immediately drop it after the first episode: “Space Dandy is a Dandy in space”. The ending of the first episode to me was the ending of the whole series.
  • Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta: A bad copy of “Last Exile” or an improvement over “The princess and the pilot”. Those are the first things that comes to my mind after watching “The Pilot’s Love Song” (Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta). Similar scenario to “Last Exile” but poorly performed and a better love story than “The princess and the pilot”.



These are anime series that I watched for some episode and then abandoned.

  • Buddy Complex (3/13 episodes): Oh Sunrise why did I expect something good out of you. After the huge fail with “Valvrave” I expected an anime that would make me forget it. Unfortunately that’s not the case, here we have the usual below average mecha anime, I dropped it after 3 episodes and I will say that this is worst than “Valvrave”. So if you liked “Valvrave” you will enjoy “Buddy Complex” otherwise stay away from it!
  • Hamatora The Animation (3/12 episodes): I dropped it after 3 episodes; it is a well presented anime with decent characters. I would have watched it if it was only a mystery anime like “Detective Conan” I didn’t like the supernatural aspect.
  • Mahou Sensou (3/12 episodes): this anime seems like a rip-off of many other anime like: “Shakugan no Shana”; “Hidan no Aria” and “11eyes”. It just wasn’t worth watching.
  • Wake Up, Girls!: Both the movie and the first episode of the anime are interesting but I don’t like the fact that every time they have a skirt there is at least a panty-shot (read: a million panty-shots).