Anime Winter 2013/14



Anime that still will continue in the spring season

  • Nisekoi: Like the manga this is awesome I have to wait to see how it ends but I trust SHAFT to do a great job.


This anime season was full of comedy anime, most of the “serius” ones are a big delusion.
The best anime of the season was “Kill la Kill” followed by “mikakunin de shinkoukei” and “No-Rin”. For the first one no explanation is needed, as for the other ones I wanted to reward their semplicity even if they have a lot of clichés but with some good comedy.
The worst anime for the season is probably “Saikin, Imouto no Yousu …”, it was awful.
“Nisekoi” will continue next season and I hope it doesn’t do like “Golden Time”, I trust Studio SHAFT to do a great job.