Fall 2013 Aftermath


on air

Anime that still will continue in the winter season

  • Golden Time : there are a lot of cliché situations, but I’m curious to see how they are going to end it.
  • Kill La Kill : one of the best anime of the fall season and as of this time it’s still interesting.



Overall this was a good season with a lot of good anime series and some original anime too. I will highly recommend: “White Album 2”, for its really good love story, “NouCome” as it is the best comedy of the season and “Kyoukai No Kanata”, you know you need to watch all of the KyoAni’s anime.

I can’t recommend “Coppelion” just because I think that, while I liked it for its originality, you will probably find the huge quantity of plot holes and the poor quality of the characters frustrating.

Now let’s start to watch the anime series of the winter season, but before that I will add a final note. Here are the best and the worst anime of the season…

I spoiled it before but the best anime series of fall 2013 is “White Album 2” and in my opinion the worst anime of the season is “Diabolic Lovers”.