Franken Fran

I’m sure most of the people who read this are familiar with the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, well this manga will remember you the literal meaning of the quote.

If you read this review and you didn’t read the manga you probably won’t understand what I mean…

So to be more clear first of all go and see some covers of the volumes of Franken Fran and then come back and keep on reading.

Enough joking around and let’s start the real review:

First of all this review is based on the complete 61 chapters manga, I will attempt to avoid every spoiler.

Franken Fran is an horror manga with a nice touch of comedy, the manga covers the story of Fran a “girl” that resembles the Frankenstein’s monster with electrodes at each side of her head, she is in charge of the laboratory that Dr. Madaraki Naomitsu (her “father”) left to her while he is traveling.

In every chapter she will handle different clients of the laboratory performing almost anything (raise the dead, switch heads and bodies etc…).

Also the chapters seem to cover different themes, such as love, religion, plastic surgery and justice in a strange and unique way combining horror, with a lot of guru, and comedy, with hilarious sceneries.

The stronger points of this manga are the characters and their personalities.

As said before Fran is the protagonist, a funny and easy-going girl that even in the more disturbing scenes will put a smile on your face.

Fran also during the manga will discover to have 2 sisters (other 2 creation of Madaraki), one of them Veronica is an assassin and the other one, Gavrill, is the boss of a gang, both of them will have some chapters where they are the protagonist adding more comedy elements to the manga… I will not say more because they appear late in the manga so I won’t spoil anything.

Frank has also two assistants: Okita, who has the head of a man and the body of a cat and Adorea, a beautiful woman wrapped entirely in bandages.

The graphic style in the first chapter it’s a little bit old and messy, but it has a lot of details and in this case (remember it’s a horror manga) it’s very well appreciated changes. After the first chapter (that is the oneshot that come out before the manga) the style changes a bit, it doesn’t feel old and it’s simpler while maintaining all the details.

In conclusion all you need to know is that this manga is a must read to all who love horrors.

I think that if you read the first two chapters you will love the series and will keep on reading it (or you will hate it, there is no other choice).

Where to find Franken Fran? Read it here also if this manga is published in your country buy it 😀