Fall 2013 Aftermath


The fall anime season has ended two weeks ago I took some time to finish some of the series in the season and to finalize my thoughts on what I’ve watched.
So after my first post about the openings let’s analyze the anime aired this season, I will write about anime series that started or ended in fall, telling my personal opinion about those series.

“She and her cat”


“Other Worlds” and “She and her cat” are Makoto Shinkai’s first works and his starting points in the anime industry. In particular “Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko” (“She and her cat”) raise his popularity and made him reach first place in 12th DoGA CG-animation contest.

Guilty Crown Lost Xmas


I wanted to play it for a long time and now I had the opportunity to finally play Guilty Crown Lost Christmas.
Guilty Crown Lost Christmas is a visual novel developed by Nitroplus, one of my favorite visual novel companies. This visual novel is intended to be a prequel/spin off of the, may I say overrated, anime series Guilty Crown.

Franken Fran


I’m sure most of the people who read this are familiar with the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, well this manga will remember you the literal meaning of the quote.

If you read this review and you didn’t read the manga you probably won’t understand what I mean…

A look at Eden Eternal


I finally have some free time and I thought: why not write something about a mmorpg that I played… so lets talk about EDEN ETERNAL 😀

Eden Eternal is a free to play mmorpg developed by the same team that created Grand Fantasia and it’s published in its north-American version by AeriaGames.