Ryo – Anime Mirai 2013

Ryo is one of the four anime from Anime Mirai 2013 (Young animator training project).

I’m going ahead and say that this short is probably one of the worst of the Anime Mirai’s shorts, but lest start with the actual review.

The story itself is a little strange and quite difficult to understand, from what I read and from the title the story should focus around a boy, who lost his parents, who is given the name Ryo by Ryoma Sakamoto.

He then follows Sakamoto as his bodyguard during his journey to revolutionize Japan.

As for what I saw the story put Ryo on the side and take Ryoma Sakamoto as the main character and managed to never explicitly tell what he did.

After the first time I’ve watched Ryo I searched for Ryoma Sakamoto and read everything I could, then I’ve rewatched it and I have to say that I enjoyed it a little bit more than the first time.

I see this anime as recap of a 13 episode series, if you watched the entire episode you have an idea of what is going on otherwise you can’t understand anything, and since the series doesn’t exist you are screw.

The characters are practically non-existent, the “main character” Ryo does not have a personality after seeing the anime you know nothing about him.

Ryoma Sakamoto and his wife really existed and I think they are portrait really nicely in the anime, there are some touches that made you recollect their actual life, and they are probably the only comedy elements in all of the anime.

The only other character that I should mention is Ryo’s brother that is introduced in the start of the anime and then forgot until the end.

The sounds are nice, the music is nothing spectacular but it is good, the only issue that I had was that, in some points, the voice of the character that was talking was covered by the background sounds, but I hope that that was a problem on my end and not on the anime itself.

The animation is good but absolutely not on par with “Little Witch Academia” or “Death Billiard”, the backgrounds are particularly well done even if they don’t have a lot of details.

Overall this is an average anime, it’s only one episode so you can probably watch it anyway, I strongly recommend reading about Ryoma Sakamoto before watching Ryo, and this should mitigate the negative aspects of the story.

On a side note I’m not really good when I have to write a review so if you have any advices feel free to contact me. I’m always open to criticism.