Saya no Uta

After a hard time changing server and transfering everything over I’m back with a new “review”.
Today I want to talk about Saya no Uta an awesome visual novel.
So lets start with the actual review:

Saya no Uta is a horror visual novel developed by Nitroplus and released in 2003.
The original plot is written by one of my favorite writers, Gen Urobuchi, if you are wondering, he is the person who wrote Fate/zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s plot.
The story focus on Fuminori Sakisaka, a young medical student, who is affected by a form of agnosia due to an experimental brain surgery to save his life, after a car accident that killed his parents.
Now Fuminori sees the world as a hellish nightmare. Ordinary people appear to him as grotesque, giant grub-like monsters with a hideous stench, and even food that he used to like now tastes utterly disgusting.
Fuminori meet Saya in the hospital as he contemplates suicide. She appears as a human looking girl among the flesh-covered walls and is apparently looking for her father.
Fuminori does not want to be separated from Saya, and asks her to live with him.
As for any visual novel the reader has the power to choose different way to develop the twisted love-story between Saya and Fuminori, you will be rewarded with three different endings.

The Plot:
The whole visual novel last from 2 hours for a straight playthrough to 10 hours for a 100% completion.
The story it’s not your usual horror story, you have your gore and bloody elements, but the real story focus on the love between Saya and Fuminori. This love can be seen as a strong psycological element, infact the reader knows that Saya is not human, but a monster similar to the ones that the protagonist see.
This visual novel contains mature elements and ,probably for the first time, those scenes have an actual purpose and are blended really well in the plot.
However you can skip the mature content by checking the option in the main menu.

The characters:
In the visual novel there is a lot of work on the characters.
All of the characters have their own time in the visual novel, you get to know really well Fuminori and Saya and, thanks to pace of the story, you can get to care about their stories.
The route that you choose to play in the visual novel effects the life of the majority of the characters.
In the visual novel you are the protagonist (Fuminori) but sometimes you get to see the point of view of one of the secondary characters. Also one of the endings is entirely lived by one of the characters that you will get to know.

The graphics:
in the visual novel you can see two tipe of background design: the first one is for the real world, where there aren’t many details and the color create the atmosphere of the scene; the second one is utilized for the twisted world seen by Fuminori, in this case there are a ton of details in the background to help you visualize whats going on in the head of the protagonist. This kind of background is always dark and really set the mood.
The character design is simple but effective, almost all the effort is put on drawing the female cast.

The routes:
Since it’s a visual novel you will face some choices during the playthrough. There won’t be a lot of different choices due to the total duration of this visual novel, infact you will have only three routes available, but trust me every ending is worth your time.

The soundtrack:
The soundtrack is nothing special but is nice. It serve the purpose of creating and manteining the mood throughout the scenes.
The only two songs that stand out are “Song of Saya” and “Shoes of Glass” that are used in the endings and if you liked the story you will remember those two tracks for a long time.

Saya no Uta is a must, you have to play this visual novel if you like the genre. You’re either gonna love or hate it. There is nothing left to say.

I’m trying to get better at writing in english so if you have any critiques you can leave a comment down belove.