“She and her cat”

“Other Worlds” and “She and her cat” are Makoto Shinkai’s first works and his starting points in the anime industry. In particular “Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko” (“She and her cat”) raise his popularity and made him reach first place in 12th DoGA CG-animation contest.

This five minutes animation feature the relationship between a cat, Chobi and his owner, “She”.

The story, told from the cat’s perspective, cover a year of his life, from the moment of their encounter to the next spring.

The beautiful writing of the short story let you enjoy every second of the five minutes. From the words of the cat you can understand his feelings and immerse yourself in his story.

In five minutes is almost impossible to define strong characters, but in this case we have “She”, Chobi’s owner, that through the cat’s word gets described and it’s not easy to forget,  even if her name is a mystery. In general Chobi and “She” aren’t anonymous character you actually come to care about them.

Mimi (Chobi’s cat girlfriend) is only a side character that helps with the flow of the story and its emotional impact.

Just on a side note I think that Shinkai’s weakness are the characters and I find funny that the characters in “She and her cat” are better that the ones in some of his other movies.

The animations and CGs are beautiful in their simplicity, also the choice of using black and white helps to create the right mood for the story.

The music is nice; this soundtrack is Tenmon’s first piece for an anime.

In the end I will recommend the vision of this OVA to everyone, if you haven’t seen it go and watch it immediately it’s only five minutes and you will never regret seeing it.

And only one final word:

“This world, I think we like it.”