Spring 2014 Aftermath

The spring season has ended with a pleasant surprise. There were a lot of bad anime but a lot of interesting ones to balance it off. I was disappointed to see Break Blade as an anime when it has already a movie series, anyway one thing that really stands out is the variety of art styles between anime in a good and in a bad way, and I like to see experiments and innovation.

spring 2014

As always I have to say that I watch the first episode of almost every anime in the season, but from this general rule I exclude anime series of which I have never seen the prequel or series like Hero Bank, so if you don’t find an anime in this post I probably ignored it.

I will divide this post in pages:

  • Second page: “First episode only” and “Dropped”
  • Third page: “On-hold” and “Completed”
  • Fourth page: “Airing” and “Conclusions”