Top openings of fall 2013

We have come to the end of the fall season 2013, which was full of good anime to watch (at least better than the summer season). Let’s start to analyze the best and the worst of this season.

First off I will start with a top 10 openings of fall 2013.

I want to clarify that see a lot of people judging an opening based only on the theme song. I think that it’s partially wrong, yes an opening should have a nice song, but it should match the video that is paired with.
So I judge an opening like an AMV with some slight modifications:

  • the song is secondary and it should match the video;
  • the video must contain some kind of character presentation (without oblivious major spoilers);
  • if the video and the song match the nature of the anime is a plus;
  • as a bonus it should contain some scenes from the anime (but is not necessary).

Click the play button to open the youtube video of the opening.


Nagi No Asukara Opening

“lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~” by Ray

Song and video match the anime, slow and emotional. I personally don’t like the few seconds in the end (the last jump), maybe because I didn’t expect the change of pace.


Kill La Kill Opening

“Sirius” by Eir Aoi

In this case I don’t like the song; I think they could have chosen a different one to match the anime and the pace of the video. In any case they did a really good job with what they choose to use, the video alone is a beautiful introduction to the anime.


Kyousogiga Opening

“Koko” by Tamurapan

A really nice song, half of the opening is dedicated on presenting the characters in a funny and somewhat innovative way and the other half delivers that emotional feeling present in the anime.


Log Horizon Opening

“database feat. TAKUMA (10 Feet)” by MAN WITH A MISSION

Well you can’t go wrong when the theme song’s title for an anime where the characters get stuck in an online world is “Database”.


NouCome Opening

“S・M・L☆” by Afilia Saga

A pretty random opening that really fits what the anime is.


Yuushibu Opening

“Extra Revolution” by ZAQ

This spot is for the second version of the opening (from episode 5 to the end). They just introduced the dancing parts in the video but it feels like a totally different video.


Yuushibu Opening

“Sweet & Sweet CHERRY” by Yui Horie

I guess this is going to be the first of at least two opening for “Golden Time”. Since the first half of the anime focus on the relationship between Banri and Kouko I think this is just perfect.


Kyoukai no Kanata Opening

“Kyoukai no Kanata” by Minori Chihara

Easily the best opening song of the season paired with an emotional/action video that resembles the anime.


Coppelion Opening

“ANGEL” by angela

There is not much to say; even if it contains some spoiler it is still very well done.


Monogatari Series: Second Season Openings

“Mousou♡Express” by Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) &
“Kogarashi Sentiment” by Hitagi Senjougahara (Chiwa Saito) and Deishu Kaiki (Shinichiro Miki)

Shaft is probably one of the best animation studio that create original and creative openings for their anime, and this two (opening 3 and 4) are not an exception.